ENVI 5.0 SP3의 새로운 기능

현재(2013/05/16) ENVI의 최신버전은 5.0 SP2이며, SP3의 출시가 다음 주인 5월 21일로 예정되어 있습니다. SP3에서의 예정된 새로운 기능은 아래와 같습니다. 참고로 우리나라의 위성인 Kompsat-3에 대한 지원은 올 하반기에 출시 예정인 ENVI 5.1에서 이루어질 계획입니다.

Data read/inout support

Esri Image Service enhancements

Annotations enhancements

Vector symbology improvements

User experience and application usability improvements

Data read/input support

 > Landsat 8 (LDCM)

 > ENVI Meta (read & write)

 > EO-1 (Hyperion & ALI)

 > DubaiSat-1

 > Pléiades-HR 1B

 > GeoTIFF tie-point & modeltransformation tag georeferencing


>Support for NPP VIIRS datasets in HDF5 format distributed via NOAA CLASS

>I-bands, M-bands, Day-Night-Band (DNB), Near-Constant-Contrast (NCC)

>Optional swath-to-grid geocorrection with bow-tie deletion mitigation


Esri Image Service enhancements

 > Support for PNG format delivery

 > Ability to select Mosaic Method for delivery


Annotations enhancements

> Improved appearance

>Enabled anti0aliasing

>Default line thickness = 3


 > Ability to independent of view rotation

Vector symbology improvements

 > Ability to apply color table based on > 256 unique attribute values

 >Graphic for the selected color table displayed in Vector Properties dialog


User experience and application usability improvements

 > File > Open Recent > …” and “File > Close All

 > All Classic tools & SPEAR/THOR wizards stay in-front of ENVI5

 > Raster initial display centered @ 100% (1:1) pixel scale

 > Improved Chip-to-PowerPoint center geolocation format in notes

 > Geocoordinates (e.g. lat/lon) displayed in status bar for RPC rasters

 > Drag-n-Drop datasets from Data / Layer Manager --> Views

 > North Arrow: Font glyph, location, size, color & background fill control

 > More obvious mechanism for Layer Manager & Toolbox detach/reattach

 > Preferences: User can now control raster default stretch for all data types

 > Data Manager: More obvious mechanism for loading a single raster band as Grayscale

 > Layer Manager: Ability to drag-n-drop a layer to the bottom of any given view

 > Viewshed Analysis: Updated class colors – Green = Visible | Red = Not Visible